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SS-2000T Wireless Scoring System

SS-2000T Wireless Scoring System

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Befour's highly profitable indoor multi-even scoring system now has wireless capability and includes a handheld 7" tablet & downloadable app. The SS-2000T now features:

  • Quick Practice option
  • programmable practice sessions with customizable workout & rest time durations
  • Circuit Timing, counting each interval
  • Advantage (Riding) Time and Injury, Blood & Recovery Time optionally shown on app
  • Multiple horn options

The SS-2000T isn't simply an updated version - this new scoring system combines all of the previous functions of the former, SS-2000 Multi-Sport. Scoring System and the SS2100- Wrestling Advantage Timer into a single score clock. Not just limited to Wrestling - the SS2000T is perfect for any indoor sport, activity or even where timing and scoring is needed! As the app continues to be enhanced, updates will automatically push out! 

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